Hello. I make things to look at.

NPA Lab with Cai Bellis here

Interview with Stacie McCormick @ Unit1 Gallery here


I'm working with a new art fund called Artcry: providing funding for urgent political work with a fast response time on applications. Please check out the site here

I work primarily in paint and collage. My work deals with themes of commercialism in relation to the self. In particular, how we cope with a constant bombardment of visual information, ways we use social media to communicate, and the notion of privacy as a commodity. Many of my works use images stolen from or inspired by strangers' Instagram profiles. 

In 2017 graduated from an MA in Fine Art at Central Saint Martins, London.

In 2018 I completed a year long residency at the Florence Trust, and in 2019 was part of Plop residency

I'm currently at Koppel Hive, London. Hit me up if you want to come by the studio

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insta: @fergcooper

BangButt 60cm x 60cm, acrylic on canvas
BangButt 60cm x 60cm, acrylic on canvas

nuts 100cm x 100cm
nuts 100cm x 100cm

Detail of 'Ripped From Instagram'
Detail of 'Ripped From Instagram'

BangButt 60cm x 60cm, acrylic on canvas
BangButt 60cm x 60cm, acrylic on canvas


Selected bio / exhibitions

2020 - Artcry - steering committee / inaugural panel
2020 - NPA Lab: sustaining practices - mentor
2019 -  PLOP Residency, London
2017-2018 - Florence Trust Residency, London

2015-2017 - MA Fine Art, Central Saint Martins

Selected exhibitions

2020 - 'Pending', San Mei Gallery, London

2020 - 'Art Number 23 Virtual Exhibition', online

2020 - 'Showcase', Koppel Project, London

2020 - 'Brain Fried', Artcry, installation across London

2020 - 'Show Off!', Menier Gallery, London

2019 - 'Wot Is Art', Dec 2019 issue, publication

2019 - 'Winter Showcase', Koppel Project Central, London

2019 - 'Exceptional', Collyer Bristow, London

2019 - 'GIFC', House of Vans, London

2019 - 'TCT The Art of Music', Union Club, London

2019 - 'Secret Art Prize 2019', longlisted

2019 - 'Summer Salon', Islington Arts Factory, London

2019 - 'Partnership Matters', charity auction, London

2019 - 'Fandom', BadArt, London

2019 - 'A Work of Art', Art Number 23, London

2018 - 'Elephant X Griffin Prize 2018', longlisted

2018 - 'September Auction', AucArt, online

2018 - 'Raw Art Forum', Birdwood House, Totnes

2018 - 'Nutopia', Artizan Gallery, Torquay

2018 - 'Hospital Rooms 20x20', Griffin Gallery, London

2018 - 'London Loop', shortlisted

2018 - 'Ashurst Emerging Artist 2018', featured artist

2017 - 'Helen Scott Lidgett Award', shortlisted

2017 - 'Jackson's Open Painting Prize 2017', longlisted

2017 - 'Ashurst Emerging Artist 2017', featured artist

2017 - 'Show Zero', Hannahs at Seale Hayne, Newton Abbot

2016 - 'RWA 164 Annual Open Exhibition', shortlisted

2016 - ‘Counting Backwards’, Granary Square, London

2016 - 'Our Laughter Will Drown Your Sorrows', The Laundry, London

2015 - ‘Epilogue’, solo exhibition, The Haberdashery, London

2015 - ‘Creekside Open 2015’, selected by Richard Deacon / Lisa Milroy



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